Don’t sweat it this summer! Make sure your home or business is a comfortable shelter against the heat with a central air conditioning system. Our technicians are experienced with all makes and models for service, so you won’t need to worry during the next heat wave.

If you’re building a new home, or you're ready for an upgrade on your existing system give us a call for a quote for a purchase or rental on one of our excellent central air conditioning systems from Armstrong Air and Ruud.


If you’re in a condo, apartment or a smaller home where a central air conditioning system isn’t your answer, but want to be free of the hassle and view-restrictions of a window unit, perhaps it’s time you considered a ductless air conditioning unit. Small, compact and cost effective, these units are perfect for anyone looking to battle the summer heat without breaking the bank.

Cool your interior space in zones to save on cost. Installed for maximum efficiency, you can choose what areas of your home or business are cool and when with the push of a button. Call us for an estimate on a purchase or rental for your ductless air conditioning system now, before the heat is on.

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